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Tears That Build

An artist and his apprentice toiled side-by-side for many hours, each working on a painting representing what they saw in the world. As they worked together, the apprentice saw that his mentor’s painting contained hope and beauty, while his own lacked that vitality. “How… Continue Reading “Tears That Build”

ונהפוך הוא

A quick story and thought for Purim day… Rav Levi Yitzchak Berditchever once stayed overnight in an inn belonging to a simple Jew. As was his habit, R’ Levi Yitzchak rose in the middle of the night to recite tikkun chatzos. As he wept… Continue Reading “ונהפוך הוא”

Update: Temima’s Second Implant

מה רבו מעשך ה’ כולם בחכמה עשית I don’t have another article ready to post, and likely wont have one before Pesach. The main reason is that we decided right before Purim that Temima would get her second implant put in this week, on… Continue Reading “Update: Temima’s Second Implant”

Haman’s Miscalculation

Much has been written about the five stages of grief and how we process hard news. I’m not sure if this was the denial phase or the bargaining phase, but I remember quite clearly that at a certain point I was sure that this… Continue Reading “Haman’s Miscalculation”

Choosing The Tree Of Life

Anyone who’s had to deal with kids, either as a parent or as a teacher, has heard the battle-cry and defense “He made me do it!”. As the adults in the room, we work hard to convince our charges that we can’t help or… Continue Reading “Choosing The Tree Of Life”


It was a Friday afternoon, a short winter Friday, and I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office on the bad side of town. On a fluke, we hadn’t been able to get insurance clearance before this date, and this was the only possible… Continue Reading “SPARKS OF LIGHT”

Standing Before Hashem

One of the most tragic decisions made by the government of the State of Israel was the decision to purposefully and viciously secularize the migrant Yemenite children. Taken away from their parents, who were often told they’d succumbed to disease and died, these children… Continue Reading “Standing Before Hashem”

The Comfort of Knowing Hashem

Shabbos Nachamu, named for the first word in the Haftorah, starts a cycle of seven weeks called the “Sheva D’nechemtah”. These seven weeks between Tisha B’av and Rosh Hashana mark an uptick and change in the tone of our relationship with Hashem. Whereas Tammuz… Continue Reading “The Comfort of Knowing Hashem”

Lessons Learned From the Lion of Av

‘Aerodynamically, a bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But no one told the bumblebee…so she flies.” I read this quote on a bumper sticker years ago and thought it was a cool trivia fact but not much more. Almost three years ago, the message… Continue Reading “Lessons Learned From the Lion of Av”

Yosef’s Struggle: From Yosef Hatzadik to Moshiach Ben Yosef

This is the second part of our Tammuz post. For Part One, click here Babies, from almost the minute they are born, are looking to connect and interact with their parents. From a remarkably young age, they are able to tease and flirt,… Continue Reading “Yosef’s Struggle: From Yosef Hatzadik to Moshiach Ben Yosef”