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Nature is not natural, it’s supernatural. My middle school principal, famous for his aphorisms that helped us remember the messages of his parasha classes was especially excited about this one. While I no longer remember the lesson this saying was taught in connection to,… Continue Reading “TAMMUZ: SEEING HASHEM”

Beyond the Inspiration

Wow. Amazing shiur. What a Yom Kippur! That was scary—a real wake up call! I feel so uplifted, as if I’m a new person. I’m ready, I’m committed. This is it. A new me has be born. Sound familiar? Famous last words, you might… Continue Reading “Beyond the Inspiration”

Moshe, Dovid, and What the Other Nations Rejected

Walk through any Bais Yaakov elementary school this week and the halls will resonate with the same song: ‘Hashem gave us a present, do you know what it was, He gave us the Torah and we must keep its laws…’ It’s the second stanza… Continue Reading “Moshe, Dovid, and What the Other Nations Rejected”

Preparing to Accept The Torah: Part One

All things in life require preparation. Inspiration doesn’t happen on its own, and neither does spiritual growth. Matan Torah, as a world-changing event, required major prepation. As we discussed in a previous post (, the weeks of Sefiras Ha’omer were given as a guide… Continue Reading “Preparing to Accept The Torah: Part One”

Korban Pesach: A Lesson of Exclusivity

The term ‘blood libel’ is one we are all familiar with. We’ve heard stories from all areas of the world, in generations past. The more recent stories and the ‘trials’ are recorded in history books and studied, while the more ancient stories are recounted… Continue Reading “Korban Pesach: A Lesson of Exclusivity”

An Amazing Story of Genetics & Hashgacha Pratis

A Brief Explanation Of Genetics Genetics are a sensitive subject, made touchier by some general confusion on the subject. When something is wrong with a child, on top of all the serious fear and confusion, the idea of people attributing it to ‘genetics’ and… Continue Reading “An Amazing Story of Genetics & Hashgacha Pratis”

Challah, Sefiras Ha’omer, and Chodesh Iyar

 I have to start by admitting that only recently did I start baking my own challos (the picture in the heading is actually of one of my first attempts). However, even before, I did try to make just one yearly effort to bake for… Continue Reading “Challah, Sefiras Ha’omer, and Chodesh Iyar”

Living By the Moon’s Light

Nissan is the month of renewal and rebirth. Nature, all around us, is starting to come alive again, with the blossoming greenery and the gentle showers that smell of summer. Inspirered by nature’s awakening, it’s a time when we too seek to refresh and… Continue Reading “Living By the Moon’s Light”

The Forgotten Half of Adar: The Mishkan and The Mountains We Must Climb

In my family, when we consulted with my parents about important decisions, the constant refrain was a phrase in Persian. I’d phonetically write it out in Persian, but it would basically just serve for a laugh as y’all would try to sound it out. Translated… Continue Reading “The Forgotten Half of Adar: The Mishkan and The Mountains We Must Climb”

Purim, A Personal Story, and Why There is No Third Option

We last left off with a question: Why do we call Purim by a name that commemorates the weapon of choice that we were fighting against? Amalek once again attacked us with the “coincidence” ideology, and we fought back by seeing Yad Hashem. Why… Continue Reading “Purim, A Personal Story, and Why There is No Third Option”